diy idea for christmas

All the good intension of blogging with sooooooo many ideas did not come true this year. But here is a small DIY gift tags for

Christmas bell DIY

christmas bells diy

Make your own Christmas bells out of egg trays. Cut out the small “mountains” of the tray, paint them, and sprinkle with glitter. When they

relax for a while

My children’s happy birthdays, sick children, new beginnings, soon Christmas, at the moment there is to much going on – so I will relax for

Ddition poshette

edition poshette

Until now most of Simone work have been displayed outside Denmark – but now it is possible to see and buy her work at ├śregaard

blickfang in copenhagen

Blickfang in Copenhagen for the first time – the exhibitions have about 100 different designer that varies from fashion, over jewelry too new product designs

go play with a stick

Wow – just love this sword handle. Who would have thought that a “simple” handle could make a stick look like the sword of D’Artagnan.

crea for the weekend

It is getting colder, windy and gray skies – fall is just around the corner – maybe this cute scarf would be a suitable project

creative styles

This sweet girl I know through friends, also happens to be an interior stylist colleague. We occasionally bump in to each other and the other