Some news, you can find in the shops right now (1-2) and some you will find summer 2013. 1) Xmas – Christmas calendar, a box

HM all for children

all for children

Just before the summer holiday I went to see H&M’s “All for Children” collection – now it is in the shop – for every item

crea for the weekend

It is getting colder, windy and gray skies – fall is just around the corner – maybe this cute scarf would be a suitable project

creative styles

This sweet girl I know through friends, also happens to be an interior stylist colleague. We occasionally bump in to each other and the other


As a child in the 1970 I loved these sandals for summer – I wore them when swimming(especially at the rocky beaches in France and Croatia

very french gangsters

Love these spectacles and the gangster theme. It is nice to know that you can find cute glasses for your kids if they need it

emma cassi & danielle kroll

Emma cassi is a talented jewelery designer and she have asked Danielle Kroll to paint some of her jewelery, amazing work they both have made.