long weekend

Rhubarb crumble cake will be cooking in the oven later – in the meantime I will try to relax in the sun with the family

open sandwich

In Denmark we have a long tradition for eating open sandwiches – that often look like this. The great things about these open sandwiches is

chalk beauty

The other day I went to a house warming – and look at this great work the creative people started, did not get at picture


Fastelavn – halloween without the scary stuff, a wooden pinata filled with fruits and candy, happy faces and tasty “fastelavnsboller“.

crystal cake and gift wrapping

Today was all about finishing different tasks before christmas and tonight it is all about wrapping gifts, maybe in company with this cake.

christmas market at christiania

The Christmas market at Christiania is always worth a visit, christmas spirit all around. I fell in love with these great flowers amoung others. we