Apple feast

Maybe last change for inviting friends over for an apple feast – so we have decorated the table for fall and have gone for the

blogging again…….

After creating an instagram profile in 2012 and becomming a daily user of instagram, my use of blogs, visiting blogs and blogging my self have

flower gold from the garden

Right now my garden is blooming – the apple trees a little longer and the lilacs have just started to bloom and send a scent

easter letters

This year I will send at least 3 easter letters, one for each ogf my girls.A collection of different templates for inspiration Lille hvide vintergækbryder

learn about architecture

Some time ago I received a book about architecture. Build, draw and learn – a book where you explore the great ways of architecture for

fathers day ideas

Such a great idea – download the file here and see more of the great work of Mrprintables. (via:Handmade charlotte) (If you need a “FAR” –


spring cleaning

The picture is lost and the blog link does not work any more 🙂 The last couple of days it has been all about spring

a woolen heart for your love

I love Wollfiller and their ideas. My best woolen cardigan has prolonged its life several years because of their ideas.Today Design Sponge feature a series

diy paper star

In my daughter’s kindergarten, they have decorated all their windows with these amazing stars, so simple  and yet they make an instant christmas feeling. This