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blogging again…….

After creating an instagram profile in 2012 and becomming a daily user of instagram, my use of blogs, visiting blogs and blogging my self have been decreased dramatically. In some ways I miss blogging, but have not have the right focus. So I will try start blogging again.

Starting with a small trip to Copenhagen. In Store Strandstræde old and new shops, cafes and restaurants, have over the past years been popping up, plus some heavy renovations has made the street blooming again.
Beutiful old buildings have made it possible to create a overall feeling of the streets of Paris. It is a tucked behind the famous Nyhav (New Harbour) and easy to miss. Well a month ago I went there and found the great shop StudioXviaduct (pop up shop – kind off – been there for almost a year now) check their instagram for details in case they move before you go there. (they have now moved to Dronningens Tværgade 50.) Here is what I saw: Studioxviaduct_01

Lucky to meet Blomsterbar and talk about the love for flowers and organic life. 
Studioxviaduct_05 Studioxviaduct_05


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