blogging again…….

After creating an instagram profile in 2012 and becomming a daily user of instagram, my use of blogs, visiting blogs and blogging my self have

easter letters

This year I will send at least 3 easter letters, one for each ogf my girls.A collection of different templates for inspiration Lille hvide vintergækbryder

a woolen heart for your love

I love Wollfiller and their ideas. My best woolen cardigan has prolonged its life several years because of their ideas.Today Design Sponge feature a series

Bellino Interior

…….after summer holiday

Summer holiday turned into busy days at work and at home, different from a relaxing holiday but it was nice to be back and steer

decorative painter

It is important to get inspired and give yourself time to reflect – I try to do that at least once a day, and some

sequins flowers

I haven’t found a purpose for these flowers, I might put them on a gift or set them to rest in the window. Any way