Walala x Montana = colour factory

Some years ago, when my daughter Olivia attended a Højskole in Fyn, we drove by Montana Furniture factory several times. I did not think much of it, Montana’s buildings were plain and white, and it did not mirror what were behind the walls. Until recently…. Last week Montana Furniture revealed their factory all repainted by …

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Easter letters

Nuance of easter, crisp green and egg white

When the first spring flowers peek, spring is on its way. Inspired by the beautiful white spring flowers, the delicate white and the crisp green colors have inspired me to these Easter ideas. Simple whites and crisp greens. A stilleben of glass vases filled with the beautiful white spring flowers. Use them as table decoration …

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Ciff Youth 2019

Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth. Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth. When young in the ’70/’80 Jens Storms bag always take you down memory lane. Bigger bags and pencil case was new to me. Pinecone was new to Ciff – a tumbling furniture/pillow among others, that had a soft cover, for the kids to …

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Christmas at Flying Tiger

Christmas preview at Flying Tiger – so many new Christmas ornaments unique to Flying Tiger – glitter hotdogs, colorful parrots, dogs and colorful and glittery peacocks in blue and white. Candy canes balloons, glass candy canes and so many other glitter glass ornaments for Christmas. Paper for all your Christmas gift and matching ribbons, like …

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blogging again…….

After creating an instagram profile in 2012 and becomming a daily user of instagram, my use of blogs, visiting blogs and blogging my self have been decreased dramatically. In some ways I miss blogging, but have not have the right focus. So I will try start blogging again. Starting with a small trip to Copenhagen. …

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simplifying a christmas heirloom

The other day when I Christmas shopping with my family in Malmö I came around these candle light holders “WHIRLABOUT” from the Dutch design company De Intuïtiefabriek. I was amazed, I love the way they have transformed and simplified a to me known and beloved Christmas item “the Spinning Chime Candle Holder“. They made a …

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