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Ciff Youth 2019

Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth.

Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth. When young in the ’70/’80 Jens Storms bag always take you down memory lane. Bigger bags and pencil case was new to me.

Pinecone was new to Ciff – a tumbling furniture/pillow among others, that had a soft cover, for the kids to play on, from resting as a newborn to toddlers to jump from and balancing while playling. Washable and easy to stack into a block.

LiiLu a German brand that is all about natural colors, organic and sustainable.

A book of Magic and Dreams at Soft Gallery – could not resist this dark velvet top.

Christina Rohde in a decadent miks of beautiful bright colors and flowers on print and in vase!

LuckyBoySunday alway a fun visit in so many ways.

New inspiring brand from Barcelona Spain “Weekend house kids” designed by Cristina, so much fun, great quality and all made in Spain.

New wallpapers from Ferm living kids, illustrated by Katie Scott with beautiful animals. Rugs for the floor or wall (on the back of the rug, is a strap to hang the carpet), inspired by  sea creatures, for the kids room or for the bathroom.

Earth colors at LiewoodCat rug and Panda lunch box in soft silicone.

Exit Ciff youth!

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