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Walala x Montana = colour factory

Montana factory Denmark Fyn

Some years ago, when my daughter Olivia attended a Højskole in Fyn, we drove by Montana Furniture factory several times. I did not think much of it, Montana’s buildings were plain and white, and it did not mirror what were behind the walls.
Until recently…. Last week Montana Furniture revealed their factory all repainted by the talented artist Walala, celebrating Montana’s 40 years of colour. I have been following Camille Walala at Instagram for some time and oh yes, it is a perfect match – all colour, shapes and joyful patterns.
Just like Montana who encourage their customers to be brave and combine colours that express their love for colour.
The colours varies from Walala’s well know colour palette and is developed for Montana by Margrethe Odgaard @margrethe_odgaard.

From Brooklyn Camille Walala tallest decorated buildings yet - 40 meters high.
Inspired from the Memphis design movement from 1980s Italy and trompe l'oeil visual trickery.

Walala at New York
30 colours from Montana
colour in Montana Showroom
montana showroom
Montana Furniture for Kids

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