swifty for spring

Well spring is not around corner – but when we get there, I would love to take rides on one of these. (get your own


mustache bus

It made me smile, when I saw this bus last week – behind is the campaign “Movember” – that hope to make us smile, and

taga two in one

If I was a mother to be, I would seriously consider buying a stroller like this, that you can convert into a bike pretty easy.

lets go shopping

The mild winter defiantly make you want to drive your bike a lot more than normally during winter, if I did not have my youngest

omhu – with great care

I think I will start this new year “with great care” or as we say in Denmark OMHU. My friend in New York has designed

skating in the ’80

Do you remember these? well I remember myself rolling the neighborhood with skates like these. find them here for you and your kids.

helmet for a safe ride

For our daily rides back and forth to kindergarten my youngest daugther need a new helmet – I am tempted to buy this one, but