learn about architecture

Some time ago I received a book about architecture. Build, draw and learn – a book where you explore the great ways of architecture for

Emil from Lønneberg

emil from lönneberg

Thank you dear Emil and Astrid for inspiring me to explore life in so many ways. Today it’s the official birthday for “Emil i Lönneberga”

ABC cards

ABC cards for designer nerds – and as the illustrator says herself: “geek-hipster-interwebbers can teach their kids their ABC’s with more culture-relevant examples”. Love the

creative styles

This sweet girl I know through friends, also happens to be an interior stylist colleague. We occasionally bump in to each other and the other

zoo in my hand

Inspired by Deborah great finds – I had to show it here as well. A whole book full of pre folded animals in various colors

Pleased to meet

pleased to meet

At Pleased to meet they have this cute baby  journal where the family tree has the shape of a town house, a colorful birthday calender and