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Nuance of easter, crisp green and egg white

snowdrop in small vases

When the first spring flowers peek, spring is on its way. Inspired by the beautiful white spring flowers, the delicate white and the crisp green colors have inspired me to these Easter ideas.

Simple whites and crisp greens.
A stilleben of glass vases filled with the beautiful white spring flowers.
Use them as table decoration or let them florise in the window.
To get the best result, cut the flowers in different length, and let the eye wander through the beauty of spring.

Cut your own easter letter

Papercuttings for an ester letters or table setting.
In Denmark we use our papercuttings for easter letters with small rime and the senders name is a secret and therefor the name is set in dots.
Here the papercuttings is used for table decoration, different cuttings, papers and colors decorative laid in the middle of the table ready to be set for at great easter lunch.

Paper egg
Marbled eggs

photo @photographernicolineolsen

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