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Kunstsalonen – Emanuel Olsen Salonen

Kunstsalonen – Emanuel Olsen Salonen

Art Salons – Emanuel Olsen Salons 
For this version of “Kunstsalonen” Katrine Martensen-larsen opened her home at Frederiksberg a tasteful and classic home, where the walls had been decorated with art curated for this particular home.
Snapshots from Emanuel Olsen Salonen when I came by, for a cup of coffee and talk about art and not least a review of Katrines latest book The Season, a book with a variety of Nordic Christmas traditions, homes, ideas and traditions.

Marie Erdinger Plum
Trine Birgitte Bond
Amanda Betz

Marie Erdinger Plum “Jewellery skincare”, latex, 2018

Trine Birgitte Bond “livsformer II”, havglaseret, porcelæn, keremik, mm, 2018

Amanda Betz, Antik, akryl, papir, plisseret 2020

Katrine Martensen-Larsen

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