Ciff Youth 2019

Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth. Things that caught my eye at Ciff Youth. When young in the ’70/’80 Jens Storms bag always take you down memory

Ciff kids 2018

Back in August I went to Ciff kids in Copenhagen to get inspired, see news and trends, the trade is mostly kids clothes, which is

blogging again…….

After creating an instagram profile in 2012 and becomming a daily user of instagram, my use of blogs, visiting blogs and blogging my self have


spring cleaning

The picture is lost and the blog link does not work any more 🙂 The last couple of days it has been all about spring

a woolen heart for your love

I love Wollfiller and their ideas. My best woolen cardigan has prolonged its life several years because of their ideas.Today Design Sponge feature a series


build & destroy

When you think of building blocks, you think hard and sharp edges – MAIK have made these great blocks made of foam, they are soft,

walls of greens

Today I saw this vertical garden/small space organization and I thought what a great way to combine the to things. It seems that Urbio is

more cardboard

Sorry for all the cardboard, but I just could not help falling in love with this tipi. happy weekend.