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glimse from the “hay talent award”

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When I arrived at Formland this summer – I had a pleasant surprise when I entered the hall where the essence of Hay talent award was situated.
33 talented designers were displaying their design, in a different and very inspiring way. Each design had its own house. The house had two sections, one where the design was displayed, and in the other end a sleeping and work area.  Each plywood house came with a bed, desk, duvet covers, lamp, chair, hanger and a shelf  (all HAY design)
How the designer and in some case designers, wanted to display and style their house was up to them. The result was apart of amazing new designs, also a great way of styling a small home and small workspaces.
During the 4 days long fair the designers lived at the fair in “their houses”.

1. example of the house, 2-3. Charlotte Kristine Kristiansen, 4. great desk space, 5. Stine Keinicke Jensen, 6-7. Studio Fem, 8-10. Renaud Defransesco & Cyrill Verdon 11-15. One of the winners: Hannah Waldron, for her woven tapestry: Hand in Cloud 16. the other winner: Joel Hoff, for his industrial Switch Light.

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