New great ways to use cardboard. see more ways to furnish you home with great cardboard solutions.(via)

treasures from new york

Some years ago on a trip to New York I was so lucky to find and bought a big box of old buttons. A friend

traveling tracking

This pillow is just a super idea Рa world map where the trips  around the world have been sewn on, with different colors. Get

panduro and shane brox

Shane and Panduro have joined forces – you can buy a Shane Brox “Magical Friends” kit in Panduro and then all you need to create

shampoo bottle ship kit

What a great idea, my kids love to play with emty shampoo bottles, and this “ship kit” definitely broadens its use.


from chairs to hangers Рyes, why not. 


recycle at its best – I must say that before I saw this picture I hated these plastic “drawers”, they remind me of doing the

zoo in a toilet roll

Just amazing what you can do – love this kind of artwork, it's creative and simple and yet a lot of work I would imagine. See

DIY plastik fun

LMNOP – issue 14

Take a look at the new LMNOP magazine – I have a DIY article in this number. Take a closer look, the magazine is packed with so much