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LMNOP – issue 14

Billede 12

Frame - art diy

Take a look at the new LMNOP magazine – I have a DIY article in this number. Take a closer look, the magazine is packed with so much great stuff. (LMNOP is closed down) ( you can find them here and here) 👇

Got a few hundred plastic figurines hanging around? Here’s a novel way to play with them.
Here are three simple ideas to inspire the contemporary designer in you. Collect all your plastic figures, roundup a few extra supplies and you’re ready to get started.

Plastic figures
Fishing line
How to: Decide the way you want the figures to hang on your necklace. Once you’ve got them in order, wrap the string around each figure to secure tightly. You could intersperse beads with the figures if you like.

Plastic figuresA frame (this one is from IKEA)Cardboard canvas
Spray paint
Glue gun
How to: Set out all your figures inside an old cardboard box. Paint all the figures in the same colour using spray paint. The box will keep the paint from spreading everywhere. When they’re dry, arrange them on the cardboard canvas the way you want them to be displayed. Glue your plastic figures on using a glue gun and then frame and hang your modern art on the wall.

Plastic figures
Gold spray paint
Thin metal string
How to: Spray the figures with gold paint and leave them to dry. Next, arrange the order of the mobile with the heaviest items at the bottom. Mix your figures, as you like, and add a splash of colour by placing a bead or two in-between. Start by wrapping the last figure with the thin metal string (the one that will hang in the bottom) and add the rest.

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