Later that day

….. walking through Copenhagen after Ciff Kids, small things like this beautiful decorated coffee minivan and Ganni Kiosk pop up store makes the city alive.

simplifying a christmas heirloom

The other day when I Christmas shopping with my family in Malmö I came around these candle light holders “WHIRLABOUT” from the Dutch design company

vintage rattan beds

Rattan beds from the 50th in different designs and sizes – just love them.see more here

upscale your old plates

Wilhelm Teller has found a great way to upscale old, single or just beautiful plates and turn them into a cake platter. It makes it

Post card

postcard treasures

When was the last time you received a postcard? Well it is some time ago for me – my children receive one from time to

emma cassi & danielle kroll

Emma cassi is a talented jewelery designer and she have asked Danielle Kroll to paint some of her jewelery, amazing work they both have made.

treasures from new york

Some years ago on a trip to New York I was so lucky to find and bought a big box of old buttons. A friend

new kids in town

After visiting Day home, I browsed around the city and was happy to see N 74 at Rue Vert – fell in love with these kids

edition poshette

Have posted about Simone before – but this time it's for an expo where she show her beautiful purses and her fascination for books.

playing with paper

Just love these collages made from printed text in all forms and looks. It is a fascinating the way paper grow old with different colors