i am behind

I am behind, a pile full of “to do’s” is resting on my desk. But this morning with its frosty spring feeling and the sun

royal mix

It is okay to mix and match, and at the old lady “royal copenhagen” they can not get enough of it. They do it with

poems on the body

Denise J. Reytan impress me with her creativity and sense of colors and materials, she describe her jewelry as paintings, where she paint with objects of

ib spang olsen

In memory of a great artist – Ib Spang Olsen has been a big inspiration ever since the first book.

creative match

Who would have thought that rattan and plastic bucket would make such a match.

what would you take?

 Tucker, age 23 will bring these things – so glad that Tucker is not afraid to show his love for his lifelong teddy bear. The

summer feet

Summer feet  - these cute sandals are for the first steps, they look super comfy and the design is nice and simple.