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L´Atelier d´exercices

findings from nature

My kids love to collect things they find, it could be a stone, a branch, a plastic lid, feathers and/or a shell, I love it but some


The other day I went to a place called Arboretet – which means “a place with threes” and that it is indeed. We all fell

winter holiday

Next week will be all about the family and a lot of time in the snow – I am off for a week vacation. When

omhu – with great care

I think I will start this new year “with great care” or as we say in Denmark OMHU. My friend in New York has designed

framed memories

Frame your memories in old tin cans and display them. One of the great thing about a trip to the beach is the all the

spider web

made this for a Danish magasine some years ago – but at the moment it is relevant with all the spiderswebs in the garden. This

skating in the ’80

Do you remember these? well I remember myself rolling the neighborhood with skates like these. find them here for you and your kids.


This summer we went to Croatia because we love the nature, the rocky beaches and the amazing Adriatic sea. We did not drive around as


Summer indians – let the children make their own costume and play little indians on the prairie. These cute indians painted their own skirts and