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ikea ps 2014

 Ikea_ps21014_02  Ikea_ps21014_01 Ikea_ps21014_03 Ikea_ps21014_05

IKEAs PS collection is alway something to wait for and soon there will be several news from IKEA PS 2014 near you. (In Denmark the 25 april.) Above you see some of my favorites – a balance bench I have to have for the garden for all the balancing kids. The bench immediately gave me a feeling of something I knew, it was the back of the chair, same design as the handle of a kick sledge, which is an ancient Scandinavian means of transport. 🙂
The garden table I would love to have, it is easy to fold and I will use it inside and outside, when guest are around.

IKEA sees this collection for people and homes in motion

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