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kids finds at formland

Skammle Rystekugler
Hay Ugler Musahar

Formland is an international trade fair for interiors, home accessories, design and gifts.
1.A nice set of 2 stools and a table from Supershape. would fit well in the living area for the kids.
2. Just love these babies in snowy water.
3. The colorfull lady from the shop Prik, had a stand where she showed the baby dolls from the spanish Llorens. She had made the small cabinets her self and the “prik collection” made of retro fabrics.
4. Wooden spinning top, cotton ribbons and new boxes from Hay.
5. Owl piggy bank in silicone, maybe it is a bit to easy to get access to the money.
6. Metal letters with animals in three different colors
7. Karen at her stand Musahar, showing her great pillows and brand new carpet.

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