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Mouth watering mummies

White mummies are
a fun project for Halloween or a ”scary” party.

The mummies are
reasonably simple to make.

You will need:
*Juice bricks
*Adhesive / glue
*White masking
tape (gauze, cloth patch on roll, white fabric cut into strips or a discarded
white T-shirt cut *into strips – there are many options)
*Plastic eyes (available
at hobby shops) alternative paint the eyes directly on the mummy.

How to:
Start by removing
the disposable straws.
Wrap the mummy from
the bottom of the juice with tape -the more random, the more real it seems.
Remember not to tape the hole for the straw.
When the juice
carton is completely covered, you can glue the eyes on and then mummy ready.

The straw can
alternatively be taped to the side again, or placed next to it.

Mummies that will
make Dracula’s thirsty for juice


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